Dublin Theatre Festival

Royal Shakespeare Company

The Rape of Lucrece

By William Shakespeare

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere
Date 10 Oct - 12 Oct 
Duration 75 mins
Prices €25-€30

Adapted by Elizabeth Freestone, Camille O'Sullivan and Feargal Murray
Performed and sung by Camille O'Sullivan and Feargal Murray
Music composed by Camille O'Sullivan and Feargal Murray
Piano Feargal Murray
Director Elizabeth Freestone
Design Lily Arnold

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Camille O'Sullivan in The Rape of Lucrece, photo by Keith Pattison

Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece is a provocative, politically-charged thriller. In the hands of internationally-acclaimed singer and winner of the prestigious Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award, Camille O'Sullivan, this epic poem is brought to life through storytelling and song.

O'Sullivan relates the tragic tale of Tarquin and Lucrece, accompanied by an original score played live by Feargal Murray on piano. Inhabiting their souls she delivers the tremendous range of human experience at play in this dark episode - a story as monsterous as it is beautifully written.

A hit at the Edinburgh and Sydney festivals, this Royal Shakespeare Company production is a compelling blend of music and verse.

"A most elegant and powerful show, with a fine and passionate performance at its heart" Scotsman "A triumph, strange and gripping and honest" **** The Times (UK) "...the Royal Shakespeare Company, under whose banner Elizabeth Freestone's production falls, has struck gold" ***** The Glasgow Herald "Magnificent...Pianist Feargal Murray and singer Camille O'sullivan blow the dust off this 1855-line epic - and, most importantly, give the wronged Lucrece a voice. And what a voice is it: cracked with sorrow, bristling with quiet rage " ***** The Guardian
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