Dublin Theatre Festival

Richard Maxwell / New York City Players

Neutral Hero

Written and directed by Richard Maxwell

Venue Project Arts Centre
Date 9 Oct - 12 Oct 
Duration 90 mins
Prices €25-€30

Cast Lakpa Bhutia, Janet Coleman, Keith Connolly, Alex Delinois, Bob Feldman, Jean Ann Garrish, Rosie Goldensohn, Paige Martin, James Moore, Philip Moore, Andie Springer, Andrew Weisell
Set and Lighting Design Sascha can Riel
Costume Design Kaye Voyce

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Richard Maxwell has assembled twelve characters to tell a story of epic ordinariness concerning a young man searching for his father in the wide open landscape of the American Midwest. Journeying through gas stations and drive-ins, family routines, work schedules, small-town dreams and desires, his Neutral Hero unearths an ancient stream of humanity.

Listed as one of The New York Times' top 10 shows of 2012, Neutral Hero undertakes the seemingly impossible feat of portraying neutrality on stage. Maxwell employs the elemental materials of the theatre - text, movement, and music - and asks us to consider a world in which even the most humble existence is charged with something mythic and extraordinary.

A leading ensemble of the experimental downtown scene, New York City Players are celebrated for their unique style, championing the downbeats, the anti-heroes, the alienated and the outlaws.

Contains strong language.

Neutral Hero was originally commissioned and produced by Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

With the support of US Embassy in Ireland.

"Mr. Maxwell's great achievement as a writer her is that he makes the soaringly heroic feel like the natural and inevitable subtext of the numbingly quotidian" The New York Times
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