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Teater Refleksion (Denmark)


Teater Refleksion is a puppet and animation theatre founded in 1990.
They present a broad range of highly diverse performances, each with its own expression and atmosphere. The expressions range from the tale about ageing guinea pig Mr. Muffin, who sits and reminisces in his miniature shoe box home, to free and vigorous fabulating beyond time, space and classical dramaturgy in MAK-VÆRK (Botch-Up).In their productions, they strive to make their settings an aesthetically composed whole, with a wealth of surprises and exquisite detail. They communicate visually and the language is simple - in some cases without words entirely. Music is often an important narrative element in the performances. They are enacted in an intimate, delicate and intense atmosphere with only a few actors/puppeteers on stage before a limited audience, ensuring an experience of real presence for each individual child and audience. The puppet usually plays an important role in our productions. To them, the puppet is a medium reflecting and mirroring existential thoughts and questions about the bigger issues in life; the things that are not easily described with words.



Songs From Above

Goodbye Mr Muffin

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