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Jacqueline Blom

Actress Jacqueline Blom has spent a part of her career working with the acting company of Het Nationale Toneel. In the early 90s, she conscientiously sought, in theatre, a combination of tradition and avant-garde, and she worked for a long time with Theatregroup Hollandia. Through Hollandia, Jacqueline worked together with people such as Johan Simons, Paul Koek and Dick Raaijmakers.

During this period Blom also made a name for herself through various film and television roles. She appeared in Pleidooi and in long-running series such as Oud Geld and Loenatik. At the end of the 90s, Jacqueline performed with a variety of companies such as Art & Pro and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. In 2001 she gained membership in the large ensemble of the Ro theatre, where she has appeared in Bloetwollefduivel, after guest-starring in Nachtasiel.


The Woman who Walked into Doors

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