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Derrick Devine

Derrick Devine is an Actor, Youth Drama Facilitator/Director, Songwriter and Singer. He has previously played roles in Pan Pan's productions Deflowerfucked, Oedipus Loves You and The Idiots. As a songwriter and singer, he has performed with his band throughout the country and released a number of well-received recordings (www.myspace.com/derrickdevine). He has also written and directed countless plays for children and young people including eight short plays for the Dublin Docklands Schools Drama Festival (2008). Most recently, his art/writing piece Mum x was published as part of the Eek Art Collective's OneSheet Project After playing his part in The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane, Derrick is very much looking forward to his next demanding role, that of Tubby the Turnip in a forthcoming children's theatre production about a subject very close to his heart - the importance of eating one's vegetables.


The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane

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