Dublin Theatre Festival


Aingeala de Burca

Rough Magic Lady Windemere’s Fan.
Aingeala De Búrca began her violin career at the Royal Irish Academy of
Music, studying with Sydney Griller and Maeve Broderick. In 1993, she was
awarded an honours degree in music from Trinity College, Dublin. In 2009,
she was awarded her Masters in Classical String Performance from the
University of Limerick. As a freelance performer, she has demonstrated her
quality and diversity by performing with such groups as In Tua Nua, Anuna,
and the Irish Baroque Orchestra.
In addition to her theatre work, she has used her skills in improvisation and communication as a music facilitator in educational, community music and healthcare settings with great success.  
In 2008, she qualified as a teacher of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM)
for the teaching of the F M Alexander Technique.  



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