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Guy Cassiers

Director Guy Cassiers is one of the most versatile theatre practicioners in Flanders and the Netherlands, and since 1998 the artistic director of the Ro theatre. He directs classical repertoire as well as new literary adaptations of novels or films scenarios and performances for children. In the course of his career, he has been researching the possibilities of language, carefully choosing texts he can combine with visual media and music.

In Guy Cassiers' productions, the main characters often have a difficult relationship with the outside world. They create their own reality. This wilful universe is the starting point for the multimedia theatre language that he has developed in his own oeurve. Throughout the series his recent productions, Guy Cassiers has been looking into the development of a video language within the theatrical context: the video images were not an illustration or picture of the scenic event, but the video functioned as a full partner, as an antagonist of the actors. In Rotjoch (Scumbag) he went a full step further: the video converted the language into a kind of 'image world', an autonomous scenic presence: the words appeared on the screen and began to live a life of their own. In De Wespenfabriek (The Wasp Factory), the macabre universe the main character has built is disrupted by video images of the outside world. The manner in which Guy Cassiers has staged, The Woman Who Walked into Doors, with its 'outsider-theme' and the use of digital image techniques, is a progression from the earlier productions, such as Rotjoch and De Wespenfabriek. Once again, the videoscreen will fulfil an autonomous function in the opera.


The Woman who Walked into Doors

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