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Kris Defoort

The Woman Who Walked into Doors is the first opera composed by Kris Defoort (1959). He has a great reputation in the European jazz world. He has created a very personal music language with his ensemble Dreamtime, which redefines the traditional jazzband in an original way. His music is characterised by a meeting of classical and jazz idiom, between written and improvised sections.

Defoort studied at Antwerp Conservatory, and trained in composition and contemporary improvisation in Liege. Driven by his fascination for jazz, he went to New York and stayed there for three years. When he arrived back in Belgium, he continued his musical career as a composer, an improvisational piano player and a director of various ensembles: K.D.'s DECADE, K.D.'s BASEMENT PARTY, Octurn and Dreamtime. Kris Defoort realised several CD's and other projects under the auspices of Kunstencentrum De Werf (Brugge), including Variations on a love supreme, in collaboration with Fabrizio Cassol.

In 1994, he made De aftelling (The count down) for Het muziek Lod in Ghent with Jan Vromman. Since 1998 he has been the composer in the residence. He created the dance performance Passages with Fatou Traore, which was performed last summer at the Festival d'Avignon. Defoort, like Doyle, did not choose a subject from the history of 'The Great Leader's', but from the 'story of Everyman' for his first opera. The 'heroism', the aristocracy hidden in Paula is one of stubbornness, which helps her and her children to survive each day. “She manages, she's a survivor”.


The Woman who Walked into Doors

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