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Mahmoud Refat

Mahmoud Refat was born in Cairo in 1974. He is a sound artist, musician and the founder of 100 COPIES MUCIS & 100LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL. whose work has been released on CD, performed live and installed in spaces. His first CD release "SHIFT" is an experimental electronic album released by Swiss music label Leerraum following a residency and concert tour in Switzerland. For the concept album Construction Sonor in 2003, he experimented with field recordings from the Gotthard tunnel construction. This work is released with 14 other musicians from Europe who worked with the same field recordings. The next CD Release "THE PHYSICAL VOLUME" by Leerraum and "MIRAMAR" by 100COPIES was released in spring 2006.
In 2003 Refat's first sound installation The Round Trip, based on noise and sound from Cairo mixed the audio of the city with visual work based on the map of the city. This was followed by another collaborative sound installation with German musician and sound artist Oliver Doerell based on sounds from Cairo and Berlin. Refat has been successfully and actively collaborating with Hassan Khan in the past 3 years and have been touring and performing.


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