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Lloyd Newson

Lloyd Newson's work since 1986 as the Director of DV8 Physical Theatre has had a dynamic impact on contemporary dance by challenging the traditional aesthetics and forms which pervade most modern and classical dance.

An important aspect of this challenge is his personal rejection of abstraction in dance with his concentration on connecting meaning to movement and in addressing current social issues.

His stage and film work with DV8 has consistently received major international awards. His recent film, The Cost of Living, won a Prix Italia and a Rose D'or.

Newson's interest in dance arose while studying psychology and social work at Melbourne University, an interest that led to a full scholarship at London Contemporary Dance School.

He danced and/or choreographed with many companies — including Modern Dance Ensemble, Impluse Dance Theatre/New Zealand Ballet Company, One Extra Dance Theatre and Extemporary Dance Theatre — before forming his own company.



To Be Straight With You

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