Dublin Theatre Festival


Denis Clohessy

Denis has composed music and sound for more than 60 theatre and dance productions. His previous engagements include work for The Crucible and Julius Caesar (Abbey Theatre), Attempts on her life, Don Carlos and Dream of Autumn (Rough Magic), Festen (Gate Theatre), Titus Andronicus, Shutter, La Musica and Fando and Lis (Siren Productions), Sleeping Beauty and Underneath the Lintel (Landmark), Rashomon, The Dream of a Summer Day and The Crock of Gold (Storytellers), Hysteria, Family Stories and Tejas Verdes (B*spoke), Bones, Talking to Terrorists and Operation Easter (Calypso), Last Call, Devotion and How High Is Up? (TEAM theatre), Splendour, Winter and The System (RAW), Behindtheeyeliesbone (Myriad Dance), King Ubu (Fineswine/Galway Arts Festival), Same same but different and A Splendid Mess (Locus). Denis has also composed for a number of short films including the European Academy Award-winning Undressing my Mother and Useless Dog (Venom Films), for which he won Best Soundtrack at the 2005 European Short Film Biennale.


The Pride of Parnell Street

Hedda Gabler

Dusk Ahead

The Hanging Gardens

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