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Zoltan Mucsi

Beginning in 1979 he worked for fifteen years as a member of the Szigligeti Theatre in Szolnok, where his roles included K (The Castle), Tartuffe, Edgar (The Wild Duck) and Solange (The Maids).
After two years of being a freelancer and playing in Germany (Puck in an international coproduction in Dusseldorf and the Clown in As You Like It in Hamburg, both directed by Karin Baier), he joined the newly founded Barka Theatre in 1997. His roles here included Quince (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Fellow S (Mrozek’s Party) as well as leading parts in new Hungarian drama.
In 2002 he joined Kretakor and appeared here as Little Alex (Nexxt), Jan Proctor (Possessed after Miller’s Crucible), Tovarisch (Fatherland, my all), Alceste (The Misanthrope), Georg (Before/After), Father/Szúnyog (The Ice) as well as himself in Blackland.
As one of Hungary’s foremost film actors, he has played leading parts in all Miklos Jancso’s films since 1998, but is also to be seen in Istvan Szabo’s Sweet Emma, Dear Bobe among numerous other movies. For his role in György Szomjas’s he was awarded as the Best Male Actor at the 1998 Budapest Film Week. He is a holder of the Jászai Mari Award.



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