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Arpad Schilling

“I always wanted to be an actor. To prove in front of the camera or on stage that I exist. What I am saying or how and why did not count. All that counted was the gesture of saying it – pure exhibitionism. To whom I was trying to prove it? Surely to my mother, surely to all women. In the end I did not become an actor. I am a director and as such, I always try to say something instead of just being on stage. But for that I need to understand myself first of all. Every production is another step towards inside. This is no theory, this is action. And the spectator buys his ticket to enjoy my anguish. I hope he does.”
Recent productions:
Tasnadi: NEXXT, 2000
Molnar: Liliom, 2001
The Possessed (after Miller’s The Crucible), 2001
W – Worker’s Circus (after Buchner’s Woyzeck), 2001
Buchner: Leonce and Lena, 2002
Tasnadi-Schilling: Fatherland, my all... (Hazámhazám), 2002
Chekhov: Seagull, 2003
Moliere: The Misanthrope, 2004
BLACKland (FEKETEorszag), 2004
István Tasnadi: Phaidra, 2005               
Schimmelpfennig: Before-After, 2006
The Astronomer’s Dream, 2006
hamlet.ws (based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet)
Productions abroad:
Jerofeyev: Walpurgis Night, Schaubuhne, Berlin, 2002
Shakespeare: Richard III., Piccolo Teatro, Milan, 2003
Shakespeare: Hamlet3, Burgtheater’s Kasino, Vienna, 2005
NEXXT, 2001
No comment, 2003
Overborder (Hatarontul), 2004
BLACKland – theatre-film, 2006



The Seagull


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