Dublin Theatre Festival


Sandor Terhes

Sandor Terhes was a founding member of the Study Theatre, later renamed the Arvisura Company, where his roles included Woland (The Master and Margarita), Oberon/Theseus (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and the title role in Hamlet.
He was also a co-founder of the Picaro Arts’ Workshop and of the Pinter Bela Company, where he played Professor Bitter in Hospital Bakony and appeared in The Gate to Nowhere.
His roles with Kretakor Színhaz include the Captain (W – Workers’ Circus), Giles Correy (Possessed after Miller’s Crucible), Linzmann (Liliom), Dad (Cold Child), Volfart/Gelfart (The Nibelung Residency), King Peter of Popo (Leonce and Lena), Speer (Kasimir and Caroline), the Woman in her Thirties’ Ex (Before/After), Borenboim (The Ice), himself (BLACKland) and Dorn in The Seagull.
He is a popular film actor whose credits include Viktor Bodo’s Lemonhead , Schilling’s NEXXT or Godros’s Glamour.



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