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Roland Raba

Roland Raba got his actor’s degree at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest in 1998 and joined the internationally renowned Katona Jozsef Theatre in the same year. His roles there included Innocent (Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy), Sanyika (Picking Up Daisies), Nae Catavencu (Caragiale: The Lost Letter), Orestes (Oresteia, National Theatre of Gyor), Tartuffe (Tartuffe), Penteus (Bacchae).
In 2002 he re-joined the Kretakor Company, of which he actually was a founding member in the very first show in 1995. His roles with Kretakor included Prince (Love or What You Will), Valerio (Leonce and Lena), White (Fatherland my All), Werner (The Cold Child), Celimene (The Misanthrope), Shurzinger (Kasimir and Caroline), Hagen (The Nibelung Residency), The Button-Moulder (Peer Gynt), Parvaz/Szavva (The Ice), himself in Blackland and he is one of the three actors performing hamlet.ws (based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet) directed by Arpad Schilling.
He is also a popular film actor, his roles including Someone’s Knocking (Gabor Fischer), This I Wish and Nothing More (Kornél Mundruczó) for which he got the Award of the Best Male Actor, The Last Supper at the Arabic Horse (Miklos Jancso) or Herminamezo (Peter Halasz).



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