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Inbal Pinto

Inbal Pinto was born in Naharia in 1969. In 1990 she created her first work Dov Hoz with her teacher Sally Ann Friedland, which was presented at a competition for choreographers Shades in Dance.

In 1991 Inbal joined the Bat Sheva Ensemble as a dancer. A year later she went to study graphic design at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In 1993 she created Dio-Can which brought her second prize in the Shades of Dance competition after which this work was incited to Germany and Italy and appearances thoughout Isreal.

In 1994 Inbal Pinto created Chance for 100 jointly with the actor/director Yosi Pollak and actor Avshallom Pollack. During that same year she was invited by the Bat Sheva Ensemble to create Verses and also Video Dance jointly with the artist, Udi Aloni, which was presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The following year she was invited to join the Bat Sheva Dance Company. Wrapped which was created for the Curtain Up '97 - International Exposure at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel Aviv received excellent reviews in Isreal and abroad. In 1998 Inbal Pinto was invited to create a work for the American Dance Festival and during that same year she created Mr Wow for the young Kibbutz Dance Ensemble.

In 1999 Inbal Pinto created Oyster with Avshallom Pollack, a co-production of Curtain Up/International Exposure 99, Masion De La Dance - Lyon and Haifa Municipal Theatre. In 2000 Inbal received the award of performing arts in the City of Tel Aviv, The Award of the Ministry of Culture for Dance Creators and the New York Dance and Performance Award The Bessies.



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