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Avshallom Pollack

Avshallom Pollack was born in Haife in 1970. He graduated the Nissan Nativ Drama Studio. In 1994 he collaborated with Inbal Pinto and director/actor Yossi Pollack in creating Chance for 100. In 1997-98 he was involved in film productions in United States and England.

Avsholom appeared in the film Gantilla and is a regular participant in the TV series Florentine. He also appeared in plays at Habina, Cameri, Gesher and Haifa theatres.

In 1999 Avshalom Pollack created Oyster with Inbal Pinto, a co-production of Curtain Up/International Exposure 99, Masion De La Dance - Lyon and Haifa Municipal Theatre.




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