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Lev Dodin

In May 1983 Lev Dodin became the Artistic Director of the Maly and in a short time transformed it into a vigorous artistic collective with its own distinct image and creative agenda. The best of classic and modern literature (be it prose or plays proper) as the basis for the productions, long rehearsal periods (which include research work), an accent on ensemble work (there are about 55 actors permanently engaged by the theatre), school as part of the theatre and theatre as the continuation of school - theses are the characteristic features of the Maly under Lev Dodin. Dodin directed a number of acclaimed plays for the company including Karel Capek's The Robber (1974), Tennessee Williams' The Rose Tattoo (1977), and Fyodor Abramov's The House (1980), which received national recognition and is still in the repertory.


Stars in the Morning Sky

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