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Dainius Kazlauskas

Dainius Kazlauskas was born on 14 July 1971 in Vilnius and has a BA in Theatre Acting from Lithuanian Academy of Music, 1993 and an MA in Theatre Studies from Lithuanian Academy of Music. He currently works for Lithuanian State Youth Theatre as well as the Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre and the Andzelika Cholina Theatre.

Theatre includes: The Diary of a Madman (1992), Hello Sonya and Happy New Year! (1994), Don Quixote (1995), Cyrano de Bergerac (1996), The Princess and the Swineherd (1996), Be a Man, Celestino! (1997), Father (1997); Lithuanian State Youth Theatre, The Public (1997); Lithuanian National Drama Theatre,  A Night before the Woods (1998), Fröken Julie (1999); Lithuanian State Youth Theatre, Life is a Dream (1999); Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, The Master and Margarita (2000), Romeo and Juliet (2003); Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre, Making of B Move (2000); Lithuanian State Youth Theatre, Tango in Fa (2001),  Love (2002); Andzelika Cholina Theatre. 

Films include: The Look of the Grass-Snake (1990), The Hollowed Shore (1992), Baltic Love (1992), Jazz (1993), The Wall (1994), Fellow Travellers of the Earth (1994), Prosecutor (1995), Rothchild's Violine (1996), Library (1996), A Manlike Story (1997), Prescription (1999), City Dweller (2001), The Last Car of a Train (2002), Family (2003), Matrioshki (2003). American films include Risk, Heat, Attilla the Hun, Special Platoon, Doctor Gentile, Angels of War and Shivering.


The Most Excellent & Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet

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