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Tom Waits

Born December 7th 1949 in Pomona, outside Los Angeles, Tom Waits has been recording music for over 25 years. From his first album, Closing Time, to his most recent release, Mule Variations, Waits has captivated music lovers with a repertoire ranging from traditional blues jazz to brechtian theatricality.

He met his wife Kathleen Brennan, who was working at Zeotrope Studio as a script editor, during Francis Ford Coppola's movie One from the Heart in 1980. They married the same year and have 3 children together. Kathleen Brennan and Tom Waits also work artistically on a genuinely collaborative basis, and she has composed the music and songs for Woyzeck with Tom.

In addition to his body of album work Waits has also composed two film scores, Coppola's One from the Heart, (1980) which was nominated for an Academy Award, and Jim Jarmusch's 1992 film, Night on Earth, in addition to numerous songs for film and documentaries.

Waits is a true lover of theatricality and he has taken part in a variety of ways in live productions in the past. He first collaborated with Robert Wilson on the music for the Wilson directed opera The Black Rider in 1993 which was said to be one of the most important productions in Europe in the 90's. The Waits-Wilson combination was so successful that they wrote Alice together shortly afterwards, and Woyzeck will be their third production.

It is a measure of Waits' respect from other musicians that his songs have been frequently covered by musicians such as Tim Buckley, Johnny Cash, Alex Chilton, Elvis Costello, Eagles, Everything but the Girl, Marianne Faithfull, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Rickie Lee Jones, Primus, The Ramones, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Tindersticks, and Violent Femmes.



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