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Colin Batrouney

Colin George Batrouney attended a variety of primary schools before ending up at Springvale North Primary in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Here, encouraged by his third grade teacher Mrs Beavis his interest in art flourished. Often compared to De Kooning, Pollock and Rothko his brightly coloured gouaches and pastels were always featured outside the 3e classroom bulletin board.

His career in the visual arts took a dramatic downturn however when, bored one Monday morning during show and  tell he casually told Mrs Beavis and an envious classroom that his family had taken him to Disneyland for the weekend. To substantiate this somewhat unlikely story he produced a drawing of the castle purpose built for fantasyland rendered from the television broadcast the Sunday night before. Exposed as a liar of some distinction there was but one career path left for him – the theatre - where he quickly rose to prominence as a pirate in a school pantomime based on Treasure Island. The rest, as they say, may or may not be history. Colin is a founding member of the Kinetic Velcro Dance Experience and has assisted Mr Armfield before and will again.


The Small Poppies

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